1 Monster Vanilla Pompona Bean


Tasting tones

Dried Cherry • Chocolate • Dark Rum

Growers Origin

Grown at 800m Altitude where the Andes meet the Amazon. Believed to be “the” original vanilla bean. This variety of Vanilla is native and unique to this area where bees still polinate the wild flowers. The Vanilla Is known to the natives as “Sekut”.

Curers notes

This is our rarest and most exclusive bean, availability is less than 5 kilos a year. These beans are huge and can weigh upto 140g when harvested.

Heavy Sweet Vanilic, Floral, Creamy, Vanilic, Raisin
Variety: 100% Peruvian Vanilla Pompona Grandiflora
Moisture: 18-22%

Size 25-30cm in length.

Weight 20-28g

Curing Process: Sun dried and sweat followed slow cure, dark black beans.

Production: Very Rare and exclusive.